The way to make reservation for charter ships

  1. When you would like to make a reservation,please contact us by phone or Web page.
  2. We will check your offer, and contact you as soon as possible.
    ※We will contact you by a means of communication which you filled in an application form. Please pay attention to our contact.
  3. After we can contact you, we will send details by e-mail or Fax.
    If you want at that time, we can send you ship’s photos or you can check the ship actually.
  4. And we and you have a meeting in order to estimate cost and make temporary reservation.
    And at that time, we will explain detail suggestions.
  5. After you will decide a number of passengers, you need to pay 10%charge as deposit in advance.
  6. We will contact you 2days before or previous day to make sure your final reservation.
    And then, the reservation day will come. Enjoy your cruising.

The questions from our customer

How do we make chartering ships reservation?

You can apply for it by our web page (contact form), Phone and FAX.

And you can come to our company directly to apply in advance.

How do we make reservation for ships? What do we need to apply?

We will make sure the reservation day, a number of your passengers.

And when you want to charter our ship, please tell us your departure place and destination.

When will we pay for the charge? Can you refund, if we cancel the reserved ship?

On the day, we will charge the bill.
And we charge cancellation fee, if you cancel your reservation.
And rate of cancellation fee depends on when you will cancel.

When will we finish the reservation?

After you and we finish to have a meeting.

About stopping operation

When cannot the ship operate?

It depends on weather warning. And bad weather such as typhoon, a dense fog ,and strong wind prevent us from operating ship’s service.

Will you refund, if the ships can’t be operated?

We can’t pay refund, if the reason of cancel will be caused by customer. However, our staff and captain decided that ships can’t be operated, we will pay refund.

About cancellation

If we should need to cancel the ship, do you need to cancellation charge?

Cancellation on that day asks you 100% charge.
And Cancellation on 2days earlier asks you 50% fare. However, if bad weather such as typhoon makes you to cancel, you don’t need pay cancellation charge.

How should we do in order to change the reservation?

Please call us by previous day, if you need to change the reservation.
If you tell us no statement, we ask you the cancellation charge.